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Why Arsenal Need to Win a Trophy in the 2013/14 Season

Whenever I used to hear the name Arsenal Football Club, I used to think titles, trophies, and competitors. But that has all changed. They are without a trophy in the last 8 seasons, and with the players manager Arsene Wenger has had at his disposal, you just wonder, how? It is difficult to give a… Read More »

The Highs and Lows of Arsenal’s Season So Far

There is no denying that Arsenal are not at the level they used to be. The Golden Age of Henry, Bergkamp, Dixon, Wright, and Adams are behind us, and the new generation of Arsenal players are with us. Despite the addition of these new, young talents to the club, this new team hasn’t performed as well as… Read More »

Champions League Round of 16 Preview: Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Champions League Round of 16 will be filled with 8 dramatic and exciting fixtures that I can’t wait to watch. Here is part 2 of my Champions League previews; Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich Bayern Munich sorely lost out on the Champions League trophy last year. Conceding late… Read More »