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Egypt Dodged Past Cameroon To Fight Senegal in AFCON Final

AFCON 2021 hosts, Cameroon National Team played Egypt in their home ground with the same lineup that they defeated Gambia 2-0 with, hoping they could use Egypt as the stepping-stone on their journey toward the 6th AFCON championship, but Egypt had other plans.

Egypt national football team has won the AFCON title 7 times, more than any other nation.
And now they’ve swerved past Cameroon to face Senegal in the finals, where Mo. Salah will meet his Merseyside (LFC)  teammate, Sadio Mane in a position to upset him, in the hopes of winning the title for a record-breaking 8th time.

Highlights Of The Game

1′: The opening whistle was blown by Bakary Papa Gassama. The environment was filled with energy and life. Home and away fans both had utmost enthusiasm and were waiting for their share of moments.

9′: Marmoush sets the ball for Muhamad Salah just outside the box, he launches it off the target. Salah connected it in a split second and it could’ve penetrated André Onana if it was on target, he walks away with disappointment on his face.
18′: Ngamaleu takes the corner, ball lands near the left far post, Ngadeu Ngadjui and Aboubakar both stretched in search of a header contact, former one connects but it hits the woodwork. Cameroon’s first on-target shot of the game and a close call for the white shirts.

32′: Zambo Anguissa gets past the Egyptian right-back and beautifully swifts the ball inside the box for an ideal shot for Ekambi, but the shot was nearly inert and without power, in the next second the ball was safely in Abou Gabal’s gloves and captain Aboubakar could do nothing but stand there and stare.

39′: Hamdi Fathi connects a header and a brilliant save by Onana, although it was off the target

48′: Marmoush with the freekick, Mostafa Mohamed connected, but it was an easy save for Cameroonian Goalkeeper.

56′: Hongla intercepts and recovers the ball in his half, but due to pressure, passes it back to his own half from the right-wing in intent for his Goalkeeper to keep the possession, but the pass was transparent and lame.

Of all the Egyptian players, Salah had to be there to pick it up, he dribbles it a yard or two and tries to cut through Onana, but the keeper read Mohamed’s run very meticulously and interception was already made.

90′:  Carlos Queiroz, coach of Egypt was booked a red card for unprofessional conduct i.e. being on the touchline and arguing in the middle of the game. He will miss the final.

118′: Ball is in the right wing in cameroon’s final third, Ramadan sobhi deceives the defender and a wonderful assist ready to be finished. 3 white shirts were present for the ball but none of them made a bit of contact, very imbecile of the players, a missed opportunity, a golden chance for Egypt slipped right through, this was the closest the kings of pharaohs got near to adding to the scoresheet, but the chance wasn’t translated the way it was supposed to be.

120′: Extra Time whistle was blown and there still wasn’t any sign of submission from any of the sides.
The game then moved on towards penalties


Cameroon played fantastically for the 120 minutes long tenure, but the penalty-takers lacked character, confidence, composure and self-esteem. Only 1 shot found the back of the net from the Cameroon side and that was by Al-Nassr forward and Cameroon National Football team captain Vincent Aboubakar. 

Egypt on the other hand placed all of them straight on the bull’s eye and won the semi-final deservingly.

For Stats Merchants


The best part is yet to come.
Egypt will meet Senegal in the final duel of this championship, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, but before that, Cameroon will fight Burkina Faso for third place in the final result of the championship table.

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