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Mason Greenwood Shirts Can Now be Swapped for Free in Manchester United Shop

English club Manchester United has now confirmed that Mason Greenwood shirts will now be exchanged for free. This was after he was allegedly arrested for sexually assault and making threats to kill on Tuesday.


What Happened?

On January 30th, photos, videos, and voice memos were posted on the Instagram account of a woman accusing Greenwood of assault. However, the posts were later deleted from Instagram.

The violent images depicted several bruises, cuts and blood accompanied by a caption blaming the Englishman for her state. There was also a voice memo of a verbal altercation allegedly involving Greenwood.

Police have not revealed the name of the victim nor the person who is the subject of the investigation.

What is even more shocking, is that there has been no reply or comment from Greenwood himself or his representative.

Greenwood has been an extremely productive player for Manchester United since his rise to becoming a first-team regular in 2019.

Ever since he had his debut against Chelsea, he was a fan-favourite for all Red Devil fans, which also made him sign a four-year deal with the club last year.

He has scored 23 Premier League goals since breaking through as a teenager. This season he has 18 appearances in 22 Premier League matches with five goals scored.

Greenwood, who made his debut for the club in March 2019, signed a four-year deal in February 2021 after rising through the ranks of the academy.

More Bad News For the Star

A club spokesman told the Sun that fans could replace their current shirt with a new shirt in another player’s name.United have announced Greenwood has been suspended until further notice following the allegations.

In more bad news, Nike have also put an end to his contract. Even EA have removed Mason Greenwood’s name and account from all FIFA products, until further notice.

Manchester United have not hinted at any return for the youngster, nor have they clarified his situation further.

This would be due to the ongoing police investigation which is currently going on with the youngster.






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