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Christian Eriksen Joins Brentford FC, Is He Still ‘Premier League’ Material?

Christian Eriksen is back in the Premier League after collapsing on the field, The incident occurred in EURO 2020 for the Danish player dropping due to a cardiac arrest that could’ve changed his life forever for the worse.

What Happened to Christian?

It was matchday 2 of EURO 2020, Denmark was playing Finland in Copenhagen, the half time was near and both teams were yet to add on the scoresheet, the game was intense and the environment was filled with absolute madness because fans were allowed on the stands after a very long halt since the outbreak of Coronavirus.

On about 42nd minute Eriksen fainted on the ground attracting everyone’s immediate concern including his teammates, coaches, rival team’s players and staff, home fans, rival fans and everyone across the world even remotely related to football.

Players were unstable but rushed to alert the medical backup to hurry up and look after their fellow teammate. The staff arrived in no time and immediately attempted CPRs, after a few pumps, he came back to his movements but was probably in the worst state of his life.

Much much appreciation to Simon Kjaer, who is a true captain and a friend.
Alongside everyone panicking, Simon immediately attempted CPR on his friend, asked the team to make a chain to shield him from the unnecessary drama on camera.

                                              Simon and Kasper consolidating Eriksen’s partner

The fans and players left the field in utmost disturbance, not knowing if their star will make it or not.
The day was indeed one hell of a drama.


Eriksen’s Medical Condition

He was let go by Inter Milan after being installed an ICD (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator), an electronic device that manages heart rhythms and delivers electric shocks when needed.


Unfortunately, Serie A has no precedent of allowing any professional athlete to play with such an instrument and hence Scudetto winners and Eriksen have parted their ways in mutual respect and understanding.

His condition was so concerning that to give you an idea, he came back to life on the pitch.

Denmark Medical staff member Dr Morten Boesen said in an interview “It was a cardiac arrest. He was gone and we did cardiac resuscitation.”
“How close were we to losing him? I don’t know. We got him back after one defib [defibrillation]. That’s quite fast.”

Eriksen- Brentford link-up. How it happened? and will he be able to play the same?

Christian & company were in search of potential teams to sign since a few months ago.
Probable destinations were OB Odense, from his homeland and
FC Ajax, his teen club where he was recognised as one of the best midfielders across Europe.
Amsterdam Giants could’ve been a solid move, since they have experience in training and playing an ICD planted player, considering Daley Blind as an exhibit-A.


But at the last moment of the transfer window deadline, The Bees signed him and welcomed him back to the English Premier League, on which the Danmark-based Brentford head coach, Thomas Frank said,

“We have taken an unbelievable opportunity to bring a world-class player to Brentford. He hasn’t trained with a team for seven months but has done a lot of work on his own. He is fit but we will need to get him match-fit and I am looking forward to seeing him work with the players and staff to get back towards his highest level.

“At his best, Christian has the ability to dictate games of football. He can find the right passes and is a goal threat. He also has very, very good set-piece delivery, both from corners and direct free kicks. He is a player you can find with the ball, and he will come up with a solution to the problem in front of him.”

As of now, Eriksen is fit and signed by Brentford, the medical is done and the English side is yet to discover if it’s a working wizard they’ve got or just a ‘good for nothing’ star for the namesake.



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