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How Much is Liverpool Paying to the “Best Winger in the World”

The numero uno of Egypt and Liverpool FC, Mohamed Salah is often phrased as “best winger in English Premier League”, “Best right-winger in the world”, “Premier League Legend”, and a thousand other compliments. And that is not far away from the truth considering the charisma, that his presence flares on the pitch.

A club star should be taken care of in terms of fair compensation, medical, playing time, and progressive overloading.

Keep reading this article to find out Mohamed Salah’s Earnings from Liverpool Football Club according to the current contract, his previous wage bills since he signed for Chelsea, what could change in the renewal? when does his contract end? what are the reasons behind his whopping demands? and can they come to an agreement?

Transfer History

Mohamed Salah earns a gigantic amount of £90,000 per week at Anfield to where he has reached after a series of loans and movements, so, here’s what happened:

It all started back in 2014 when Jose Mourinho picked up the 21 years old Egyptian Right-Winger from FC Basel 1893 on 8 years long contract for a lump sum of £7.65m.

The signing did not prove to be worth so he was loaned to ACF Fiorentina for half a season in the January transfer window.

Came back to Chelsea in the summer of 2014/2015 but was immediately loaned to AS Roma. As soon as his contract ended. Italian side decided to sign Mo. Salah. and was sent off from Stamford bridge with a salary of £20.70m.

It was about time he was phrased “Chelsea Reject” and after a phenomenal season at AS Roma with 41 appearances, 19 goals, and 15 assists he started appearing under the crosshairs of Premier League scouts all over again.

The champ moved to Anfield in the summer of 2017. The salary amount for the Egyptian was a whopping 31.50 million pounds for 5 seasons altogether, which he has proved to be worthy of, over the years for Liverpool FC.

Liverpool Board Hesitant to fulfil Demands, Mo says “I’m not asking for crazy stuff,”

His current contract will end in 2023 and the Scouse board should sort the matter before it reaches a position where their star player has to look for alternatives.

The North African grandee has been in Merseyside for about 4 years now, has reached a remarkable milestone of 111 goals and 53 assists in just 167 appearances in the EPL.

He has also contributed massively in winning the Champions League trophy and FIFA Club World Cup in 2019 for the Reds, which was followed by the English League 2020 and UEFA Super Cup Cup in the succeeding season.

With all the achievements, he comes with a few demands too.
“I want to stay, but it’s not in my hands. It’s in their hands. They know what I want. I’m not asking for crazy stuff,” said Salah

Reports claim that Mohamed asked Liverpool for an allowance to earn £300,000 every week, which is:
i) A massive, massive amount.
ii) He deserves that without a doubt
If the claims are true and the Liverpool board approves, Salah will be one of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

Master Jurgen on ‘Salah Situation’

“I know that Mo wants to stay, we want Mo to stay. These things take time but I think it’s in a good place.”

As of now, things are cool and are not bothering any of the parties.
They don’t have time to get into the ‘transfer situation’ now, it’s because they are having a very good run in both UCL and EPL, for which they have a long season waiting ahead of them.



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