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Australia beat Vietnam 4-0 in Their World Cup Qualifiers Clash

After 90 minutes of pure joy for the Aussies, the Socceroos claimed a dominant win over away side Vietnam in Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne. With massive possession and an assertive approach, Australia beats Vietnam by a tough margin of 4 goals.

Highlights of The Game

The game started with Vietnam touching the ball and after a pass or two leaking the ball to the yellow side.

1′: Australia came in rush with a beautiful counter play taking full advantage of Vietnam’s blunder. Tom Rogic played a pass in the final third to the right-winger Martin Boyle, who rolls the ball into the box deceiving two of the red shirts, touched by Mathew Leckie placing the ball in an ideal position for Rogic to find the back of the net that he did, no doubt.
The referee began to analyze the runs and ruled the goal offside. It was indeed a beautiful display of teamwork by The Socceroos, but too bad the goal didn’t add up.

30’⚽: Intense minutes of the game and Celtic Midfielder Tommy Rogic with a pinpoint accurate pass to their Striker, Jamie MacLaren in the near post of his right side. MacLaren converts the header with abundant composure onto the target, and there go the yellow shirts with a lead

Bùi Tấn Trường dived at right time but his fingertips just couldn’t stop the Striker’s header.

45’⚽: Straight after 2 minutes of added time was announced, Aussies moved forward with the press. Mathew Leckie scans Tommy’s run and streams a beautiful piercing pass with no mistakes, Rogic then casually chips it in the net beating the goalkeeper.
The immense confidence and saucy technique by Rogic were appealing to witness.

61′:Nguyễn Phong Hồng Duy drifts the ball in the box beating Australian left-back, Phạm Tuấn Hải jumps over the ball, great judgment since he knew he was in no position to score. Cong Phuong launches it towards the net, but it got deflected against Mathew Ryan’s right shoulder.

Vietnam still with no breakthrough and two goals lead hanging over their head.

71’⚽: Mathew Ryan with the goal kick, skipped the whole field, literally teleported and into Craig’s feet it landed. He dribbles it into the box wasting no time and chips it over the head of Vietnam’s GK.

Makes it 3-0 this guy with his first goal for the country, proceeds to celebrate dramatically too.

76’⚽: 5 minutes after the 3rd wound on Vietnam, Riley Mcgree blasted off the ball to the right post from out of the box adding an assist in Craig Goodwin’s International record and a gesture to opponents that they still weren’t done yet.

What About The Teams Now?

Even after winning 4-0, Australia is still in 3rd position in their group, the same as it was before this match.

But on the positive side, they’ve bagged an increment in Goal Difference from +5 to +9, which would come in handy if any cut-throat situation arises during the final qualification moments.

Vietnam on the other hand stands defeated in 7 out of their 7 duels, with 0 points registered.

It is quite obvious that they are unable to secure a second or first spot in their group which is necessary if they intend to play in FIFA 2022 and that seems about impossible now.


Group B Team’s standings Before (L) vs After (R)

Japan with a match against Saudi Arabia on 1st February and Oman to play against Australia are about to make the situation significantly perplexing.
This is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster.

For Stats Merchants


Australia now is still in the fight and is alive and kicking, with 3 more additional games in hand, they still have very good chances of securing the second spot, meanwhile, Vietnam has to play the rest of their games in misery; since their World Cup hopes appears to be damn near killed.



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