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Six Fans Dead and Many Injured in Stampede During AFCON Match

A stampede outside the Cameroon stadium that was hosting the Africa Cup of Nations match left at least six people dead, with over 40 severely injured.


The Confederation of African Football are investigating the matter that lead to a deadly stampede on Monday evening at the Stade d’Olembe in Yaounde, Cameroon. The Africa Cup of Nations hosts, Cameroon had a Round of 16 match with Comoros.

The hosts managed to beat Comoros 2-1 as they were down to 10 men after 7 minutes. They will now face the Gambia in Douala on January 29 as they progress to the quarter-finals. But, the headlines were made before the kickoff.

Cameroon’s stadium capacity was increased before this match as the national team was playing. But still, the fans got caught in a crush while entering for the match.

The Cameroon stadium has a capacity of 60,000. But due to COVID regulations, it was restricted to 60 percent. However, since the national team was playing, the restriction was moved to 80 percent.

The Confederation of African Football who were conducting the continent’s premier tournament said that they were “investigating the situation and, trying to get more details on what transpired”.

How did the incident take place?

There was a low turnout in the first-round games in the newly built stadiums. They were specially built for the continent’s most prestigious football tournament. So to compensate for the low turnout, Cameroon authorities organized public transport and decreased the price of tickets to bring more fans.

But with a match of this stature, fans crowded the entry area and crushed those who were in front. The policeman were trying to remove the barrier at the South Entrance of the Stade d’Olembe. 

Supporters who were close to the entrance got crushed beneath those who were trying to enter the stadium. 

The Confederation of African Football published a statement saying, “CAF is aware of the stampede that took place at Olembe Stadium during the Total Energies Africa Cup of Nations fixture between hosts Cameroon and Comoros tonight, 24 January 2022.”

“CAF is currently investigating the situation and trying to get more details on what transpired. We are in constant communication with the Cameroon government and the Local Organizing Committee.

“Tonight, the CAF President Dr. Patrice Motsepe sent the General Secretary, Veron Mosengo-Omba to visit the supporters in hospital in Yaounde.”

How did the supporters get the medical treatment after the stampede?

The people who got severely injured were getting transported to the hospital three and a half hours after kick off. While several fans were getting immediate treatment in the player’s medical room.

Red Cross medics were at the scene attending patients as they were attached to electrocardiogram machines. Silver foil was wrapped around them as they had several injuries.

Some supporters had to be taken to the ambulance through stretchers, while some were taken through wheelchairs. 

Thanks to the medical staff of football teams, some supporters got the treatment while the ambulance arrived. The staff hoped that the victims got transferred to the hospital on time to receive the necessary treatment.



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