Why Paul Pogba is Worth Every Penny for Manchester United

With Paul Pogba having returned to Manchester United for a rumoured world-record fee of £89million, the football world is in hot debate over whether the 23-year-old is worth the sizable price tag.

Obviously the answer should be no, as nobody is worth such a ridiculous sum of money. However, in the modern world of football which we all know and love, the business of the game has seen player transfer fees and wages constantly increasing, and this doesn’t show any sign of stopping for the foreseeable future.

Even still, is Paul Pogba really deserving of such a high price tag? In my opinion, the answer is absolutely yes, but particularly for Manchester United.

As a football player, Pogba possesses the aerial and physical qualities of Marouane Fellaini, except he, unlike the big Belgian, is actually technically able, more than able in fact. Pogba is also as good as, if not better than, Michael Carrick at breaking up play, picking out a pass, and putting his team on the front foot in an instant.

He is quite clearly far superior to all of United’s other midfielders in terms of going forward, contributing to 20 Juventus goals in the 2015/16 season and leading Serie A in terms of assists.

Pogba is the midfielder Manchester United have been looking for but failed to find since Roy Keane left, so he would make such a positive impact on this team. However, does that really make him worth £89million? Surely there are other players out there who tick those boxes but would come at a considerably lower price?

The thing that makes Pogba worth this ridiculous amount is the significance that the transfer would have off the field. Since Real Madrid signed David Beckham from United in 2003, they have surpassed the Red Devils by a long way as the biggest club on the planet. Since Beckham moved to Madrid, Los Blancos have bullied Manchester United constantly, taking their best players and selling them their deadwood.

Sure Angel Di Maria was a quality signing, but he didn’t want to leave Real Madrid, there was just no room for him there anymore. Ruud van Nistelrooy and Gabriel Heinze were two of United’s best players in their time, and Madrid just came in and took them away without breaking a sweat.

Manchester United completely changed the life of Cristiano Ronaldo, making him the best player in the world and helping him achieve his dreams, but as soon as Real Madrid showed the slightest glimpse of interest, he was gone in a flash, because financially they were just too powerful.

Last summer, United’s ability to keep David de Gea from joining that list was a sign that they didn’t have to be bullied by Madrid anymore. However, the fact that Pogba, a player sought after by Los Blancos for a long time, has instead returned to United, shows that the Red Devils are back and competing once more to be the world’s biggest club.

It is a sign that United are again in a position where they can do the bullying, where they have the power, so the signing of Paul Pogba has an enormous impact off the pitch that could last a decade.

Paul Pogba could have the same impact on the Mourinho-era that Eric Cantona had on the Ferguson-era; he brings swagger, personality, not to mention bags of talent, and he could really act as the poster boy for Manchester United for a long time; he can be the leader behind this new period in Old Trafford history.

I’m my opinion, forget the £89million, that makes Paul Pogba practically priceless.