FIFA Hammers Luis Suarez with Four-Month Ban

Luis Suarez has done it again! The Uruguayan striker reportedly bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during their Group D affair. Mexican referee Mario Antonio Rodriguez missed seeing the bite, so Suarez ended up staying on the field, despite the pleas of the Italians. Uruguay subsequently won the match 1-0 on a Diego Godin late header, but they did so at some cost.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee handed down a nine match international ban to Suarez. They also banned him from all football-related activities for four months, making him ineligible for the beginning of the club season. Without Suarez, the Uruguay attack lacked the bit of bravado that it had with him on the field. They ended up being eliminated by the Colombians 2-0.

This is not the first time that Suarez is making headlines. In 2010, while with Dutch club Ajax, he was suspended for seven games by the KNVB for biting then-PSV midfielder Otman Bakkal. Suarez apologized and was forgiven for the incident.

It seemed as if he had learned his lesson, but he became the center of controversy again in 2011-12 season as a member of Liverpool. He was accused of racial abuse by Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and was banned for eight games by the English FA. Suarez persistently maintained his innocence to the committee, but it was to no avail. And to top it off, he refused to shake the hand of Evra before their return match at Old Trafford.

Suarez’s second incident with biting was arguably his major violation, disregarding this latest incident. Towards the end of the 2012-13 season, Suarez bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. Suarez was not sent off for the incident, and eventually even scored the equalizer in the match. This was a heftier ban for Suarez, as he was banned for ten games, including a few at the beginning of the next season. So overall, he has had a knack for being at the center of major controversy.

There is no denying that Suarez is one of the top players in the world. He won the English Premier League Golden Shoe as the league’s top scorer and has created even more chances for his fellow attackers. As a matter of fact, it can be argued that he is the man who has made Daniel Sturridge into what he currently is as a player.

Suarez is the main reason that Liverpool have had a rebirth of sorts and are back in the Champions League. But the fact is, he has to gain better control of his emotions. Though the heat of the moment can bring about passionate events, Suarez has to stop hurting his teams. His effect on the game is too high for him to act badly.