David Moyes Plans January Raid for Borussia Dortmund Star Marco Reus

David Moyes has been criticized heavily for his transfer dealings so far in his Manchester United career. He was said to be lacking ambition, with the only notable inclusion being Marouane Fellaini, his former colleague. There were big names thrown from all angles – Thiago Alcantara and Kevin Strootman to name a few. However, no one can doubt the man’s ambitions if the latest transfer link has any merit. Marco Reus really needs no introduction at this stage in his career, strangely enough for a man just 24 years of age with his best playing days still to come.

However ludicrous such a move would seem in regular circumstances, it would make sense for the Scotsman to do such stellar business at a time when vultures are waiting to latch onto his next ‘mistake.’ If, for some reason you haven’t heard of one the hottest talents in world football or at least haven’t seen him play, he boasts some impressive stats. He was first catapulted into the limelight after consistently impressive displays for Borussia Monchengladbach, who were raided for a lot of their best players soon after that.

Upon his move to Borussia Dortmund, he hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since. He only played twice for Germany’s U21 side before being promoted to the senior team. If United fans are looking for a player who is versatile, pacey and intelligent, look no further.

With 19 appearances and 7 goals, he is already a full international and a key member of the squad. While he isn’t’t exactly mega-young, he still has a lot of time to hit his peak, which Moyes will certainly take into account with some of his players reaching the ends of their careers. It may be a big spend, but numerous reports suggest that the former Everton boss will be supported heavily in the coming windows by United’s owners, so that might not be a problem.

As clichéd as it is, it would no doubt boost morale around Old Trafford to no end, not to mention the obvious benefits of having a player like Reus lining up for you every weekend. Look at the United team position by position and many are doubtful. Surely what’s happened with his ex-teammate Shinji Kagawa will not have gone unnoticed and he will want a guarantee of a big role. Then again, Reus, unlike the Japanese starlet, seems to flourish out wide, particularly on the left, just where he’d be needed.

With Robin Van Persie having problems of late, we are suddenly realizing that he may not be leading the line for the Champions forever. What could this mean? Crucially, space. In a team with such attacking talent, this is imperative to keeping everyone happy. Kagawa seems to be drawing the short straw at the moment because of this. Rooney can play a more advanced role however, gifting him an opportunity to shine as he did in the Bundesliga. Where is Reus in all of this? He wouldn’t have to adapt, simply play where he usually does for his current team.

Left of Kagawa, Reus would provide high quality service and dangerous strikes at goal. Ashley Young has gotten away with a lot of minutes this season, but with rumors like these around he must feel the walls are closing in around him. Obviously Reus has denied that he is interested in any kind of move, but that’s par for the course in these situations.

Are Dortmund willing to let go, though? That part is simple if it is indeed true that Reus has a €40m release clause in his contract. The decision is his entirely and let’s face it, stranger things have most definitely happened. Most people would’ve said that Lewandowski would never move – although it’s a slightly different scenario – as well as Mario Gotze, another recent departure to a direct rival.

This move happening would depend on who else is in for him; if Bayern come calling (again), it would make sense to sell to someone abroad if he indeed does want to move on. It’s all ifs and buts, but don’t rule anything out just yet. Though Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t there to draw players in because of his status, United are still a huge name and Reus himself said that he was ‘honored’ to be linked with teams such as United and Barcelona.

That said, it’s more likely such a tremendous move would be attempted in the summer due to the amount of planning that would need to take place. The Champions will probably get an injection of quality into the team in January, we’ll just have to see if ‘the chosen one’ can pull this off.

Written by Malachi Quinn