Sir Alex Ferguson: Impacting the Game and Memorable Moments

Sir Alex FergusonSir Alex Ferguson has had an immense influence on the game, worldwide. He is considered as one of, if not the best, managers of all time. He has earned the respect of so many players and managers of different clubs as well. Throughout his time at Manchester United, he has proven that ‘stability breeds success,’ as he has given numerous young players the opportunities in his first team and enabled them to have an influence on the squads and their future.

He has also influenced referees in the game, by pointing to his watch when it is late on in the game. This is where ‘Fergie Time’ came from, as a lot of times, there has been added time put on in games which has mostly lead to his team scoring either an equalizer or a winner in games, especially important ones.

Throughout his career, he has influenced them into making decisions that went in favor of his team. He can pressurize them into making the decisions by shouting at them and getting right up in their faces. This really does emphasize how much passion he has, not only for his team, but for the game in general. He doesn’t like losing, and you can tell he doesn’t  He is a winner, and has shown that ever since he started managing.

The famous ‘Hairdryer Treatment’ has also influenced the game, but mostly his teams. If his teams aren’t playing well in the first half of games, then they will get a good talking to, to put it nicely, and he will always want them to come out in the second half fighting and giving their all. A famous ‘Hairdryer’ moment is when David Beckham had a boot thrown at him after a falling out with Sir Alex, which in turn, saw Beckham being sold in the summer of 2003 to Real Madrid.

Sir Alex FergusonOne memorable moment in Sir Alex’s career has got to be knocking Liverpool off their perch. When he took over at Manchester United, they had 7 league titles, and he vowed to reach Liverpool’s amount of 18 titles and surpass their record, something which he did in the 2010/11 season as his team went on to win the club’s 19th league title.

Another memorable moment in his career would be the 1999 treble season where he led his team to a historic Premier League title, FA Cup, and Champions League crown all in the same season. It had never been done before and has never been done since by an English club.

Taking his Aberdeen team to European and domestic successes will be one of his most memorable moments, as the two Glasgow sides were considered ‘Top Dogs’ until they won the title with the Dons and led them to the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup among other honors. It was something, which in that period, changed the outlook of Scottish football.

Winning the FA Cup in 1990 is certainly one accomplishment that Sir Alex will remember. It was the game that saved his job as Manchester United manager, when it seemed as though he was about to lose it. Ever since then, he and his teams have gone on to dominate English football and are now on their own as the best and most successful team in English football history.

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