Eintracht Frankfurt: Rise of the Bundesliga’s Founding Fathers

Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt are back with a bang since their promotion from Bundesliga 2 last season, they have leapfrogged the table, sitting in fourth at this present moment, which has come as a surprise to most other Bundesliga teams.

Eintracht Frankfurt is a major club in Germany and their support has grown since their inauguration in 1899. Their fans are fantastic, and the recently known Commerzbank-Arena holds over 51,000 supporters. In fact, during the 2010-11 season, Eintracht Frankfurt overhauled attendances ahead of many prominent clubs like Liverpool, Napoli, and Atletico Madrid.

Through their illustrious history there have been many ups and downs that the Eintracht Frankfurt faithful have had to deal with. However, this season there have been many positive experiences for the head coach, Armen Veh, and his players.

Eintracht Frankfurt is one of the original ‘Founding Fathers’ of the German Bundesliga in 1963 and it is sentimental that Frankfurt is taking part in the Bundesliga’s fifty-year anniversary. The club have been German Champions before, however this was prior to the German Bundesliga being formed as they captured this title in 1959.

They have also won the DFB Pokal on four occasions, as well as the UEFA Cup in 1980 after an all-German two-legged affair against Borussia Monchengladbach. The 1980s was obviously their greatest time as a club, acquiring two DFB Pokal’s and gaining the UEFA Cup with that famous goal by Fred Schaub (see video below).

Since that victory in 1988 DFB Pokal final however, Eintracht Frankfurt haven’t gained any more major trophies since; but this season has looked much more promising for the club. Not in terms of trophies, but getting ‘Die Adler’ (Eagles) back into Europe. This account is going to assess Eintracht Frankfurt’s season so far and whether they have the potential to go on and build on their current fourth place position.

Eintracht FrankfurtArmen Veh’s method coming up from Bundesliga 2 has worked, and quite frankly, opponents have found it hard to deal with their slick passing play from the back. They have come up from Bundesliga 2 with no fear and have found on many occasions that other teams cannot break them down with the 4-3-2-1 formation they use.

Eintracht Frankfurt has a very strong spine in their team with recently injured Kevin Trapp in goal, Zambrano, Schwegler and Rode in central midfield, along with Alexander Meier up top, scoring twelve goals in the Bundesliga thus far.

Conversely, this spine has arms to it, with Eintracht Frankfurt having very good wing players that create an awful lot of chances for their team. They have a very good right back in Sebastian Jung, and a superb left back Bastian Oczipka who has achieved seven assists all season, creating seventy seven opportunities for his team mates in total in the current campaign.

They have a great prospect in Japanese starlet Takashi Inui, who has created 102 chances this season and has had sixty-six attempts on goal, clearly showing his attacking prowess. But the man that has stood out is Stefan Aignar with eight goals, six assists, and creating seventy-two chances for his colleagues.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s form as of late has been quite poor and in fact is the joint worst with SV Werder Bremen, conceding six goals and scoring only one. They have won none of their last five games (losing three and drawing two) which seems to be a huge problem if they want to gain UEFA Champions League qualification.

Since the winter break the squad has only won twice and scored their first goal at the weekend to the defeat to VfB Stuttgart since their victorious performance away at Hamburger SV, meaning that they went five games without scoring a single goal.

Will Eintracht Frankfurt qualify for the UEFA Champions League or even the UEFA Europa League for that matter? There is going to be a tight race with teams like Hannover 96 sitting in tenth with thirty four points, have as much chance as Borussia Monchengladbach sitting in seventh with thirty eight points; that’s how tight the German Bundesliga is.

It appears however, Eintracht Frankfurt has ran out of steam, but will their first half of the season form get them over the finish line?

Eintracht FrankfurtIt could be argued that their season is similar to Everton’s fourth place finish in 2005. Everton never respectively had a good side and never really spent any money that summer, with Wayne Rooney leaving for Manchester United. They were the underdogs of the Premier League, but proved doubters wrong by gaining a UEFA Champions League qualification chance, and this can be mirrored to Eintracht Frankfurt’s recent successes.

Everton got their fourth place spot because of their first half of the season form, but ran out of steam the second half. Their first half of the season form was that good, that it managed to get them over the finish line.

Could this be the case for Eintracht Frankfurt? The Bundesliga side seems to have a better team collectively than Everton all those years ago. However, the league is a lot tighter to what is was when Everton qualified in the English Premier League.

Eintracht Frankfurt to play at places like Old Trafford, Santiago Bernabeu, and the San Siro next season? Football brings up this fabulous surprise, that’s why we love it!

Written by James Williams