An Absolutely Crazy Week in English League Football

Unfortunately, this past week has been plagued with issues not so pleasant within the game.

A player trying to force a transfer from a side sitting nicely in mid-table to a side planted rock bottom, a player of the same team dismissed for spitting at a fellow professional, and a handful of players in court for something I’d much rather not comment on.

Jamie Carragher to Retire at the End of the Season

Jamie CarragherWith all this going on I was losing hope of finding something positive to write about, then at 12:48 Thursday, I received a text which finally drew some influence for me to write something positive after a difficult 7 days:

“Carragher going :'(

Retiring. Too soon!! Very proud though.”

This text allowed me to pay tribute to an individual in the game who deserves so much praise.

I’m not from Liverpool, I’m not even a Liverpool fan. But I do have friends very close to me who are and I know exactly what is required to succeed at that club. I found this out at my mate’s late great uncle’s bungalow, which was pretty much The Kop with a doorbell.

Everything these great fans asked for, Carragher gave it to them along with much, much more! The cliches all fitted him well. The “model professional,” “the last of a dying breed;” he most definitely ticked all those boxes.

Carragher & Scholes for me are the 2 role models of the modern game, but the difference between the two was that Carragher spoke, and when he did you just had to listen. Ill never forget the famous phone call to an unsuspecting Adrian Durham who accused him of being a “bottler” for retiring from England.

If you could list every single descriptive word for a sportsman, the one on the bottom of the list to describe Jamie Carragher would be “Bottler;” if you don’t believe me, find the DVD for Istanbul (if you can’t find it, my mate Ronny may have a copy).

The football field & Liverpool FC may have lost a legend, but I’m sure the game of football hasn’t, as I’m certain that Jamie will remain in the game. The one question that remains, though, is will it be in a coaching role, or will he follow Gary Neville into the pundit world.

I’m sure which ever route he decides to take, he will excel the same way he did in the Liverpool defense.

Was Moussa Sissoko Linked With Aston Villa?

Moussa SissokoDuring the January transfer window, I read one or two rumors linking Aston Villa to French midfielder Moussa Sissoko. If these rumors are true, I want to know: who us responsible for not making this happen?

I believe this lad will be a top signing for Alan Pardrew at Newcastle, with clear evidence from his performance last Saturday vs. Chelsea. On Wednesday Ashley Cole collected his 100th England cap. Last Saturday, Sissoko made him look more like a Conference South full-back rather than possibly the best left-back in the last 10 years.

Negativity From Stoke City Supporters

Not sure whether it is the small minority or the majority opinion of the fans, but I must warn the Potters that the grass isn’t always greener.

If you don’t believe me, ask any fan who has a season ticket at the Reebok Stadium or the Valley.

A Possible Peter Odemwingie Move to Crystal Palace?

My only thought on this that he will certainly have more chance of playing Premier League football next season at Palace than he would at QPR.

Written by Matthew Passant