Oldham Free Kick Fail Against Liverpool at FA Cup

Oldham had a spectacular performance at their FA Cup match-up with Liverpool today. Meanwhile, Liverpool became the 5th Premier League team crashing out of the cup after their unfortunate 3-2 away loss.

Oldham vs LiverpoolOldham opened the scoring very early on the 3rd minute, thanks to an own goal from Martin Skrtel. Luis Suarez equalized on the 17th minute to put Liverpool back into the game. It looked as though it would be 1-1 before the whistle but a mistake by goalkeeper Brad Jones awarded Oldham the lead once again.

Reece Wabara widened the gap to 2 on the 48th minute after a powerful shot squeezed just under crossbar. Joe Allen scored Liverpool’s second 10 minutes before the final whistle, but the squad was unable to score a third in the remaining time, ending the match at 3-2.

But, as always, with an astonishing performance comes hilarious failures.

Jose Baxter took what was arguably one of the worst free kicks in football history. Just outside the penalty area, Baxter began running up to the ball and slipped midway. Falling in what seemed to be slow motion, Baxter fell to the ground with a thump and kicked the ball in the completely other direction.

But in no way did that free kick fail take away from the game. If anything, it made it even more enjoyable to watch. The English League 1 side eventually scored another and walked out victorious. Oldham did a great job fending off Liverpool, and they truly deserved that win in the FA Cup 4th Round.