Thai Side Muangthong United Set Up Insane Free Kick

Set pieces, consisting of free kicks, corners, and throw-ins, are an extremely important aspect of football. Whether scored directly or indirectly, many goals result from these positions.

Muangthong UnitedAnd this is exactly why teams work on set pieces so much. Especially in a tie game, these moments are the ones that usually decide the match.

But a Muangthong United player, poised for a free kick 30 yards from the goal, resisted all possible logic and did the unimaginable.

Mario Gjurovski ran up to the ball and purposely tripped himself up. As he fell to the ground, he headed the ball to the side as his teammate shot the ball.

Unfortunately for them, the shot was blocked by Gyeongnam FC’s defensive wall. To add to the agony, after barely being touched by the opposition, another United player took a dive as he dropped to the ground in “pain.”

Maungthong United eventually lost the game to the K League side with the score of 1-0, which definitely didn’t come as a surprise considering they followed Gjurovski’s example for the remainder of the match.

Although it was a pre-season friendly match and was of little to no importance, this was probably the weirdest, most confusing, pointless, insane, and hilarious free kick I have ever seen in football.