Euro 2012 Final Post Game Report

The Spanish celebrate as they are once again crowned the European Champions after their 4-0 win against Italy.

History was made in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine this past Sunday. Spain battled Italy in the fight for the Euro Cup, but the Spainish renewed their title as the European Champions after their amazing 4-0 win. In this game, Spain had 52% possession and shot the ball 14 times (9 on target), while Italy had 48% possession and 11 shots (6 on target). Interestingly, even though most of the match statistics were almost equal for both teams, this was probably one of the most one-sided games of the whole tournament. It was a significantly different game compared to the one these teams played in the group stage. In general, the Spanish offense was unstoppable, while their defenses could not be broken. Spain had a great tournament as well as a very successful final, and the team’s hard work surely paid off after being handed their 3rd straight major title. The Spanish definitely went into the game feeling confident, despite the history between these two teams. The game started off with a beautiful chance for Xavi in the 10th minute after running into an open space inside the box, but the ball flew slightly above the goal. The first goal came just 4 minutes later, when the ball was knocked forward to Cesc Fàbregas inside the box. He then made an areal pass to David Silva who shot the header into the back of the net. On the 38th minute, Balotelli had a fairly good chance to score, but he was too eager and shot the ball high from outside the box. In less than a minute, Jordi Alba (Spanish defender) dashed at the speed of a bullet into the offensive half. While avoiding all of the defenders but staying onside, the ball was passed forward to him, and he shot the ball above Buffon and into the net; this is his first ever international goal. When Antonio Di Natale went out on the field in the beginning of the second half, he had two golden chances to score. Unfortunately, his header went a bit high, and his kick was blocked by Casillas. In the 61st minute, Thiago Motta (who was previously substituted in) was injured, and with no Italian subs remaining, the Italians played with only 10 players. The choice to substitute Torres for Fàbregas quickly proved to be effective. He had a nice breakaway and scored against Italy in the 84th minute. But the Italian’s bad luck didn’t end there. In just 4 minutes, a similar breakaway was made, and Fernando Torres made an assist to Juan Mata who scored yet another Spanish goal, ending the game at a 4-0 win for Spain. After the historic game ended, Fernando Torres was given the Golden Boot Award for scoring the most goals (3) in the least amount of time (187 minutes), and Andrés Iniesta was named Man of the Tournament.