Euro 2012 Final Preview

Spain and Italy will square off on July 1st at the end of their Euro 2012 journey.

The highly anticipated Euro 2012 final has almost arrived! In this post, I will talk about each team’s history and what could affect the outcome of the game. First of all, Spain and Italy have played each other 30 times in the past. Out of those games, 10 resulted in a win for Italy, 8 were won by Spain, and 12 ended in a draw. Also, Italy is undefeated against Spain in major tournaments that did not end in a penalty shootout. This final will be Italy’s 9th at any major tournament, and they have won 5 of them in the past. Also, Italian forward Mario Balotelli has had the most attempts on goal in Euro 2012 so far. Cesc Fabregas said previously that Balotelli will be the biggest threat to their win at the final. If Spain wins the title, they will become the 1st team to win the European Cup 2 times in a row, as well as becoming the 1st national team to win 3 major titles in succession (Euro Cup 2008, World Cup 2010, and Euro Cup 2012). Also, Spain has had dominant possession of the ball in all games of World Cup 2010 and Euro Cup 2012 (so far). In Euro 2012, neither team has had a perfect record. Spain has tied twice, against Italy (group stage) and Portugal (semifinal). La Furia Roja have made 8 goals, and only conceded 1. Also, 88.5% of all their passes have been accurate. On the other hand, the Azzurri have scored only 6 times, and they have conceded 3 goals. 84% of their passes have been accurate, which is a fairly good amount. Although Italy feels confident, Spain has had a slightly more successful tournament. You must keep in mindthat the only goal Spain conceded was in their 1-1 game with Italy. This game was their first in the tournament, and it took place in Gdansk, Poland on June 10th. In this game, Italy surprisingly was the first to take the lead, but Cesc Fabregas quickly equalised the game. Both teams had their fair share of shots, but Buffon and Casillas were able to keep the rest of them out of the net. I have noticed that although both teams have a very strong defense, they sometimes seem to fail. The opposing team usually scores after finding wide openings, not in tight spaces. The attack on both teams are very efficient, but it is always a matter of whether or not the ball gets in the net. As a result of how each team has performed so far, I feel that Spain will be the driving force in the final game. But Spain must not underestimate the Italians, especially after their 2-1 win against Germany in the semifinals. My prediction is that the game will be action-filled, with many nice shots and saves, but Spain will maintain their title as the European Champions with a score of 2-1 against Italy on July 1st in Kiev, Ukraine.