Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Tom Canton is an aspiring football journalist with a love for Spanish and Austrian football. His diehard support of Arsenal and following of Red Bull Salzburg have led him into the blogging and podcasting world. When he's not contributing to FutbolPulse, you can find his Kentish charm on his YouTube channel hosting The Gooner Talk. His Twitter is often filled with respectable debate, and further topics for discussion are welcomed with open arms.
A historic achievement, heralded as one of the greatest in English football. The Invincibles of the 2003-04 Premier League campaign boasted an Arsenal side built around the solid organisation, strength, and mental attitude ideal for winning football matches Yet just a year...
The French top-tier has often been criticized at great length for its lack of competition and quality. Whilst harsh, there is certainly elements of truth to this sentiment when comparing the league to other top European competitions. Besides Paris Saint-Germain,...
Were you to tune into an English-based football provider showing a top-flight match from the country, the phrase, "and that’s why the Premier League is the best league in the world" would be periodically thrusted into your ears. However, is...