Why the Arrival of Gareth Bale is a Positive Addition to Real Madrid

Is Gareth Bale’s arrival at Real Madrid positive for Los Blancos? Though it may seem silly to ask this question given Bale’s skills, it is being questioned mainly because of what his arrival will mean to the team. Gareth Bale is going to add to Real Madrid’s offensive and defensive play, if needed, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will succeed. Below I will list a number of common questions and comments regarding his arrival:

Bale’s Transfer Fee is Too Big

Gareth BaleTake it or leave it but Gareth Bale has been signed for €91m, that is, €4m less than what Cristiano Ronaldo cost. For some reason, his fee being lower than Cristiano’s represented a big deal to some, and Florentino has all parties happy in this sense. Furthermore, as Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez has said repeatedly that there is no such thing as a player being “too expensive.” Even Kaka, who has not met expectations, has brought back every single penny of his transfer in jerseys sold, and Cristiano even did it in two months. Gareth Bale is no Ronaldo, but he will certainly sell a lot of jerseys, and even if he does not bring the money in two months or even two years, titles and competitions will bring it back.

The reason why Bale is so costly is because he had no buyout clause in his contract, which means Tottenham did not have to sell him at a given price. Bale’s departure is determined on his willingness to leave and Florentino and Levy reaching a monetary agreement. For Cristiano Ronaldo, it was different, since Manchester United did have a buyout clause that Florentino happily met and took Cristiano home with him. As a result, the price tag does not always determine a player’s skills.

Real Madrid Don’t Need Bale

I beg to differ. Denis Cheryshev is on his way to Sevilla on loan and it does not look like Siqueira will arrive at Real Madrid. The good news is, it looks like Coentrão will be staying. Bale will be a nice option in defense to Marcelo and Coentrão if something happens to both of them; we saw this happening last year in the key moment of the season. Of course, Bale’s main function will not be in defense, but it is nice to be aware that he is readily available if the opportunity arises. In the attack, Real Madrid are facing a serious problem in terms of scoring goals. After that magnificent 2011-12 season, the goals have seemed to disappear from our strikers with the exception of Cristiano Ronaldo. The first game against Betis and many of the pre-season friendlies left many frustrated fans naming every single top striker in the book.

Benzema and Morata are just not the Brazilian Ronaldo or Ruud Van Nistelrooy right now, and although Madrid could live with them and someone else, they can’t just live with them both. Los Blancos cannot rely solely on Cristiano Ronaldo to win every single game. Bale will lift the weight off of Ronaldo’s shoulders, as he has similar abilities that lead him to scoring lots of goals despite not being a 9. The chemistry between Cristiano, Bale, and Isco – who so far look to be up to the challenge – will make everyone fall in love at the Bernabeu.

Bale Will Steal Other Players’ Chances

No sir. Gareth Bale does not have the power to snap his fingers and sign a contract for Madrid. Florentino went through a lot of trouble to get him here so to blame Bale for his arrival is simply childish. In the first La Liga game against Betis, the only player who did not make the bench aside from the third goalkeeper was Jesé Rodriguez, even though Bale was not part of the squad yet. If in future games Jesé does not make the cut, are people really going to blame Bale?

Gareth BaleAnother player who has been seen frustrated in the past few days is Mesut Ozil. He was left on the bench in this past game and was substituted in the one prior. Once again, Bale is not to blame for any of this. Mesut Ozil has provided Real Madrid with a ridiculous amount of assists since his arrival. Fingers are crossed that he will not leave, but if he does or if he sees his playing time cut, it will not be Bale’s fault.

It is the manager’s job to find the best XI and make them play to beat the rival. Di Maria, Isco, Mesut, Bale, and Cristiano probably would not fit in the same XI, but this is a very nice problem to have as they are all extremely talented players and the competition will only push them to their very best. Some players will get injured throughout the season, and there are never too many players and there is certainly never too much talent. Real Madrid are blessed to have the squad that they have. At the beginning, many thought that Modric, Casemiro, Xabi, Illarra, and Khedira were too many, but look at the past week Madrid just had. The fans should be thankful they had them all, and this is just the beginning of the season.

I want to stress that Bale is not responsible for the price paid and that he is at Real Madrid to be the best, to play with the best, and to win as many titles as possible. More importantly, Gareth Bale is now a player of Real Madrid and as such deserves all the respect and support of the fans, because whether you want him or not, he is here to stay. I don’t worry much about great players like him, because they love dinning philosophers on the pitch. We have seen it twice already this season, first with “antimadridista” Isco and then with “the canterano hope robber” Casemiro. Gareth Bale, may these six years be glorious; welcome.

Written by RMadridGirl

  • One of the most awesome articles ever!! Great analysis!

  • Spot-on Article, answering almost every Madridista’s troubles and thoughts about Gareth Bale. I am so glad we signed him, today he looked so happy in the presentation and the press conference, could not stop smiling.

    All his answers were professional and did not have second meanings, and he seems to really look up to Cristiano, which is a good thing 🙂 I really liked his response to what Neymar said about being at Barcelona to help Messi: “Cristiano does not need help, he has proven that on the pitch. He is the best player in the world.” Cristiano is an adult, he will know how to deal with Bale and we may as well witness a new bromance 😉

    Pérez is a smart businessman, hands down! We are lucky to have him. I really hope that the next 4 hours 9 minutes pass peacefully with Ozil staying in Real Madrid. I like the fact that we have more than one good player in every position (except striker); the competition will push each player to do his very best which will result in us winning La Decima, La Liga, and Copa Del Rey.

    Excellent Article as usual! 🙂
    Keep It Up 😀
    Until next time isA 🙂

  • Very well written and thought out analysis of our current situation. Well done!

  • Abdulla

    I think if Mesut Ozil leaves to Arsenal it would be a big mistake due to not having a good playmaker as good as Ozil right now. If someone should leave it has to be Di Maria; we saw last season how badly he performed and he’s a bit selfish when it comes to scoring. Anyhow, great analysis and looking forward for Gareth Bale’s first game with Madrid!

  • First off, Bale is here and will be playing for Madrid now, so like every one who signs for us, I wish him the very best and hope he sets out to achieve what he said he intends to do in the presser today, i.e. become the world’s best and help Madrid win titles. However, saying that, I feel you have brushed aside the criticisms/issues surrounding his move too easily, for I think there is valid merit in each of the issues that are raised, although maybe they aren’t that well-put forth.

    1. Bale is too expensive – regardless of how you try to put a spin on it, he is too expensive if you are looking at sporting merit. The consensus is that if we look only at footballing merit, there are only two players who can be said to be in the €100m range and we know who they are. Marketing wise, Bale at present is well-behind the ball game. Kaka may have been a marketing success, but Bale doesn’t have half the global appeal that Kaka or Beckham had, and Real Madrid’s main merchandise market is South America, and Kaka (and presently Neymar) is infinitely more popular there. You are right that Bale could of course improve his marketability through sheer weight of performances, like Zidane or Ozil, but that is a contingency. So, one can’t say his price is justified AT PRESENT for either FOOTBALLING or MARKETING reasons, but that’s what he has to live with, and although it puts a lot of pressure, he has to treat it as a positive and use it to his advantage in the initial stage (see my 3rd point).

    2. Re: Madrid Don’t Need Bale – The point you are trying to make here as I understand is that Madrid “NEED” Bale for (1) He would provide a 3rd choice LB and (2) He would be an added outlet for goals, other than Cristiano, since Benzema is misfiring and Morata is raw. But he isn’t a striker and will be a waste if we played him as such. If more assured goals to take pressure of Cristiano was what Madrid was looking for, we could have well paid Cavani’s buyout clause or bought Suarez instead, or even looked at someone like Mario Gomez as a really inexpensive stop-gap, who is exactly the kind of forward we needed AND also Bought a 3rd Left Back (although Arbeloa, Nacho can slot in) for far less than price of Bale. Only way I see Bale improving the side is that he is a vast upgrade over Di Maria, and yes, will provide with added goals, but again, is no substitute for a proven #9 in Europe. So in an ideal situation, Bale would be a nice luxury to have IF Di Maria was sold.

    3. Re: Bale will steal other players chances – I wound not use the word “steal” as if it were to mean that Bale would get undeserved minutes, although it could so happen. We all know Cristiano plays 90 minutes of 90% of games, so question of rotating him is pretty much out of the picture. So we have Bale, Di Maria, Ozil (under Ancelotti’s new formation – if he had stayed) and Jese in competition for ONE Place. The mere fact of Bale’s price tag means he NECESSARILY will have to be played more often than not during this season, even if he takes many games to settle in. However, I doubt that happening and he will settle in well and take over Di Maria’s place and maybe deservedly so. Only one to suffer would be Jese, who’d be relegated to 3rd choice. Jese didnt make the squad against Betis, but played significant minutes in game against Athletic Bilbao and he is the brightest cantera we’ve produced over the years, and he stayed on with the team only on the assurance of regular football and a chance of establishing himself. Now, he will only have to contended with being the odd 80th minute sub and ultimately be forced to leave to prove himself, and we would be looking at another lost canterano starlet like Mata and pondering over ourselves.

    4. The final pointer is regarding Ozil – Im also of the opinion that having Bale on the pitch isn’t in any way responsible for the impending sale of Ozil, for he will presumably share playing duties with Isco OR be played out wide on occasions. But financial implications of Bale’s signing has had an effect on Ozil’s position at the present. I think the possibility is that Florentino was banking on either Di Maria or Coentrao being sold, but Ancelotti has vouched for Di Maria and Coentrao presumably hasn’t had bids from CL playing teams, so that’s gone out the window, so in the end, Florentino commits another blunder in having to sell Ozil to balance the books. I very much doubt if Ozil would have been sold had Bale not signed. Regardless of what some say, I don’t buy that it is Ozil who is wanting away from Real Madrid for on-field relating issues. This is the guy who just 2 days ago reiterated his commitment to Real Madrid and he has been an exemplary professional in his Madrid career, so i doubt if he was lying then. If Bale is worthy of his price tag, then surely Pipita was worth the extra 3m and Ozil is well worth the 2m raise for the performances they had put in and the committment they’ve shown over the years.

    Perez has a history of forcing players out – Makelele, Sniejder and Robben are just some examples. Sneijder in particular was very upset of being forced out and being portrayed as if he was the one who wanted out. Judging by what Pellegrini achieved with Riquelme at Villarreal and with Isco at Malaga, it could have panned out differently for us, but instead, they were kicked out and found success elsewhere. Perez may have made Madrid the biggest sporting brand of the world and into a business success, but he is a joke of a President so far as sporting decisions are concerned. I’m still hoping Ozil isn’t sold, but if he is, I among many others Madridistas will consider the decision as just another brainless move lacking of any sporting logic from Perez.

    I don’t know if you would agree, but Real Madrid was already a very good side and only needed slight tinkering to make it all the way in Champions League – (1) a RB to provide competition to Arbeloa (2) another ball-playing midfielder to cope with teams shutting down Xabi Alonso (3) some more depth in CAM to cope with the complete loss of form of Kaka and (4) a proven clinical striker. We did wonderfully this transfer window in addressing first 3 in form of Carvajal, Illarramendi/Casemiro and Isco, but failed to address the 4th.

    Like I said, Bale will not be a complete answer to the 4th issue i.e. the clinical striker but will be a big and highly expensive upgrade to Di Maria and would have been okay if he came in as Di Maria’s replacement, even at this high a price, but losing Ozil will sour whatever we hope to gain from his addition. I just sincerely hope for sake of Madrid that Isco doesn’t get injured or lose form at the crucial juncture, for it can derail the entire side, and have Real Madrid once again depend upon individual brilliance from Cristiano or Bale, which is precisely what we tried to rectify through our signings prior to arrival of Bale.

    With Ozil’s impending transfer after having Bale in, Zidane’s words on selling Makelele and buying Beckham seem very apt again – Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?

  • Just the rumors I hear now are that the same very Zidane has kicked some sense into Perez, or is at least trying to do so, and asking him NOT to sell Ozil!!! I was really sad to see Higuain leave and you could judge how upset I’ll be seeing Ozil leave, so I desperately hope this news is true and Ozil remains a Real Madrid player come tomorrow.