Analyzing the Future of the North London Showdown: Part 1

No, this is not a match. Not a Premier League crunch match or Champions League, FA Cup, or League Cup thriller. What is it? This, my friends, is the real showdown of the two North London clubs. This is my take on the future, the past, and the present:

The Good, the Bad, and the Arsenal

ArsenalIn the past few season, Arsenal Football Club, the 2002 Double Winners, has neither been good or bad. That job was left down to Tottenham. The Gunners have not been bad. They have just not been the club they once were under Arsene Wenger. Frustrated fans. Players leaving. Those players winning. Worse players coming in. And worst of all, no trophies.

I know how you are reading it and what you’re thinking now. When you read it like that, it sounds like the most depressing time in the club’s history. However, when you think of the competition they have come against in recent years: the endless money spenders Manchester City and Chelsea, the relentless force of Premier League Leaders Manchester United, and of course, bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Of course, I cannot say it is all going swimmingly for Arsenal. They should be doing better, attracting better players, and most importantly, signing better players. Arsenal fans are in a divide. Some call for Wenger’s head (as a figure of speech!), while others stick with the man who brought them such glorious success. What is my view? Read on my friends, read on:

Arsenal Wenger or Arsene Wenger?

Should he stay or should he go? In my opinion, he should go. Who should come in? I have plenty of managers who fit the club perfectly but are at clubs like Dortmund, Juventus etc, places where you wouldn’t leave for a club fighting for fifth place.

Jürgen Klopp (Borussia Dortmund)

Drooled over by many football fans as they dream of him coming to their club. Doing a fantastic job at Borussia Dortmund, relying on the youth system, purchasing little, and when buying, only investing in young prospects. The perfect manager, some may say. A great manager for any side, Man United, Tottenham, Real Madrid, and especially Arsenal. To be or not to be?

I guess the answer is not to be. A manager of that ability, at a club with such an exciting future wouldn’t come to a club threatening to become the new Liverpool and slowly fall down the table.

Roberto Martinez (Wigan Athletic)

Plays nice attacking football, much like the double winning side did in 2002. Also a very brave manager and plays a 3-5-2 formation in the Premier League. No other manager does this; a positive thing for Arsenal. I’m sure he would love to move himself from Wigan to North London.

Tottenham Hotspur: A Team?

Tottenham HotspurNow, I hope I’m not offending any Spurs fans. However, what I’m trying to get across in that subtitle is that are Spurs really a team? Is Gareth Bale the only thing keeping Tottenham in the battle for the Champions League?

Gareth Bale. He’s been so good this season there are rumors he will leave North London for Manchester, Madrid, or Barcelona for over £50 million. The Welshman has been netting goal after goal after goal and grabbing himself a few assists as well.

He has always been full of quality but this season, and he’s certainly shined. Not because he’s so much better than before, but because he’s been consistently good.No drops in form or niggling injuries (so far) compared to last season.

So now we have to wonder, where would Spurs be if he wasn’t there? Definitely not third and definitely not better than Arsenal. In the last few months, Tottenham have played only 1 or 2 games without him. What was the result in the last game he didn’t start? They lost 4-1 to Inter Milan. He came back for their next Premier League match, didn’t play his best, and the result? Again, a loss. This time 1-0 against Fulham.

In my opinion, the Spurs have a great side. One that could compete with some of the top sides over the years, but why are they not a great side without Bale?

The attacking genius of Dembele, the brave solid old English midfielder Scotty Parker. The new signing from Shalke’s Lewis Holtby, one of Germany’s brilliant young starlets. Hugo Lloris, chased down by Manchester United 2 years ago, a brilliant keeper keeping out the goals.

With all these great players, why are they not producing results without Bale? My view? He is their leader, the one player who inspires every single other man on the pitch to bust his gut and play for his side. Where does this put them in the future? Where is North London in the future?

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Written by Harry Robinson