Oxford Supporters Flee After Losing 4-0 to Rotherham at Half Time!

Oxford 0-4 Rotherham4 first-half strikes saw Rotherham completely destroy Oxford, who just happened to be playing at home in front of all their “dedicated” fans at their League 2 match-up Tuesday,.

Oxford United recorded barely any shots on target throughout the match, and looked as though they had given up before it even started.

David Noble etched his name to the list of goal-scorers as he netted the opener at the half-hour mark. Just 3 minutes later, Rotherham’s second of the match was scored by Kari Arnason following a corner kick.

To make things even worse for Oxford, Johnny Mullins scored yet another goal for the visitors. With Oxford fans now counting down to half time and waiting to finally get a sigh of relief, Ben Pringle converted a cross and made it 4-0, which was, in essence, the nail in the coffin.

Oxford had a massive mountain to climb to get back into the game, and their supporters certainly realized it.

But instead of cheering them on, many of these “dedicated” fans quickly fled the scene, thinking that a 4-goal deficit was too large for Oxford to overcome (which it certainly was)!

But the interesting thing is that they weren’t even upset with the results, and may even have looked happy as they paraded down the aisles, singing and waving their scarves. The smiles one their faces radiated brightly as they left the stadium in a single-file line.