David Beckham Makes Move to Paris Saint-Germain

This week, David Beckham took on a new challenge after landing in a new club in a new league.

David BeckhamThe former England captain of 115 international caps has been without a club since leaving LA Galaxy at the end of the MLS season and a victorious MLS Cup Final send off.

Speculation had been rife where “Golden Balls” may end up after being linked with many leagues around the globe and suggestions he could make a return to the Premier League after beginning training at Arsenal. However, his next move was announced in a press conference at French big spenders Paris Saint-Germain.

Beckham’s move to Paris sees him earn a 5 month contract with the club, and in a big surprise, he announced he will donate all of his wages to a Parisian children’s charity.

As much as his donation of his wages to the charity has been looked upon by most as heroic, there has also been a great deal of negativity from the press and various parts of the football and sporting world.

Most would generally agree it is a fantastic thing to do and certainly can’t do any harm, especially as there are many sportsmen letting themselves down with burnings of money, cheating, and mass expenditure which the average human rightly finds outrageous in the current economic climate.

Two Premier League players who have shown themselves up in recent months are Liam Ridgewell of West Bromwich Albion, who was pictured cleaning his backside with £20 notes, and Newcastle’s Nile Ranger, spelling his name on twitter with the same notes and then being arrested on suspicion of assault a few days later.

People who are finding negatives with the Beckham donation to charity are claiming it’s a PR stunt and it’s not even pocket-money to him, with Beckham reportedly being worth £160 million. Questions are being asked if the short term of the contract is that of publicity to promote this donation, and that he will sign a new contract in the summer and receive all of the wages himself.

David BeckhamEither way, I would argue, as he said himself, that he could move to another 12 or so clubs around the world, earn more money, and not donate anything to charities at all. I guess the problem lies with the fact that Beckham is a high-profile public figure who has money that the average person would never earn in a lifetime, and that is a bitter pill for most who struggle to pay their way for themselves and their family.

It is a shame that this has overshadowed what has been a fantastic career for a modern-day great of the game.

There are not many players who have represented their country as well as Beckham and managed to achieve success at every club he has played for. There have been few footballers in the current climate who have learned and bettered themselves from early career mistakes, such as his famous sending off for England against Argentina.

His early years and success at Manchester United were carried on at Real Madrid, including 2 spells at Milan on loan, whilst having a fairly successful 5 years at LA Galaxy. The question now is how will he do at PSG at the age of 37?

I’ll put it this way, if someone offered me money on Beckham creating more than a few assists for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, I would take it.

Finally the only question that we don’t know the answer to is where will Beckham be after the 5 months at PSG? A new deal? A return home to the Premier league? A place where he could do the job for more than a few sides or another challenge again in another unknown country? The interesting thing is the 3 children of Beckham’s are staying schooled in England, so maybe your long-term answer is the Premier League itself, or maybe even a delve into player management one day.

But one thing is for sure: wherever David Beckham’s future takes him, he will always be remembered as a footballing legend.

Written by ChalkOnYaBoots