7 Reasons Why Germany Will Win the 2014 FIFA World Cup: Part 1

Germany National Football TeamThe Germany National Football Team are always a huge threat when it comes to any title they pursue. The squad have been crowned European Champions 3 times and recorded 3 World Cup titles in 6 final appearances. In addition to that, a large number of football legends throughout history have called Germany their home, from Gerd Muller to Franz Beckenbauer.

As a result, Die Mannschaft have become the team to beat at these international competitions. Despite upsets at the Euro Cup and World Cup (particularly losses to Spain), Germany have almost always ended up near the top. Here are 7 reasons why Germany have exactly what it takes to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil:

Champions League

The German Bundesliga is allowed to enter 3 clubs to compete in the UEFA Champions League. This season, the 3 German teams participating in the competition are Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and Schalke 04, all of whom finished in the top 3 of last season’s edition of the Bundesliga. To no one’s surprise though, all 3 teams ended up topping their respective groups in this season’s Champions League.

Without recording a single loss, Schalke finished with 12 points in Group B, 2 points ahead of Arsenal.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich recorded 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss in Group F, topping the table with 13 points. Valencia, who had also racked up 13 points, finished not far behind in 2nd place.

And probably the most shocking result of all, Borussia Dortmund topped Group D, also known as the “Group of Death,” which was made up entirely of teams who had topped their respective leagues in the previous season. They ended the group stage without recording a single loss, and with 14 points, they ended 3 points ahead of Spanish Giants Real Madrid.

As you can see, German clubs have recorded huge successes at the international level already. If you take only the best from these 3 teams (and Germans from other clubs) and put them all in black and white jerseys, won’t they be just as strong in the World Cup?

2014 FIFA World CupTalented Young Stars

Germany also boasts many young players, particularly under the age of 25, who are not yet at their prime and are constantly getting better.

Two of these players, Sami Khedira (25) and Mesut Ozil (24), play for La Liga side Real Madrid. At Madrid, the duo were crowned La Liga Champions in the 2011-2012 season. They have also done an exceptional job playing for the national team in the 2010 World Cup, and looking at how much they have progressed since then, they will most likely bring even more to the team in 2014.

23 year old Thomas Muller gained international praise in the 2010 World Cup, winning the Golden Boot Award for being the top scorer in the competition with 5 goals and 3 assists.

Other German youngsters include Mario Gotze (20), Marco Reus (23), and Toni Kroos (23), all of whom are vital goalscorers in their respective Bundesliga sides this season.


Despite doubts that they would not perform well in their last 3 World Cups, Germany has been extremely successful at these tournaments, even if they didn’t win the grand prize.

In 2002, Germany struggled to qualify for the World Cup. They recorded an embarrassing 5-1 loss to England, and the worst part was that it all happened on their home turf. But after qualifying, Germany went all the way to 2nd place, losing only to champions Brazil.

In 2006, 4 in 5 Germans believed the squad didn’t have what it took to get in the top 4 of the World Cup due to bad performances at friendlies. Once again, they were all proved wrong, as Die Mannschaft finished in 3rd after losing to Italy in extra time.

Similar doubts arose in 2010, but Germany once again did the extraordinary. Even Michael Ballack, who did not compete due to an injury, said Germany lacked the strength to be a contender. They ended up winning the 3rd place trophy after losing to eventual champions Spain.

Also, Germany is probably the most consistent teams ever when it comes penalty kicks. The squad hasn’t lost a shootout since 1976, and are 4-0 in all shootouts in the World Cup, an impressive feat unique to the European side.

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  • I make it a point never to bet against any German national side no matter what anyone says. I think you make some great points.

    Great blog!

  • I have massive faith in Belgium, particularly because I have a two year old 500/1 bet running on them to win it. The Uruk from Lord of the Rings (Lukaku) will sort it out!

    • Belgium is actually doing very good in the qualifiers. In Group A, they stand in 1st with 10 points. If they do manage to qualify, you never know what can happen with Lukaku out in front!

      • He’s backed up by Hazard and Fellaini, so I don’t see why Belgium shouldn’t be the revelation of the tournament. They’ve got quality throughout.

  • Sampan Chakraborty

    Germany has been knocking the door in Euro and WC since 2002 but have not finished the job yet. If they face Brazil before final then most probably good bye Germany (except penalty shootouts). Simple reason is that Klose will not play in 2014 and Podoloski is not in his best form, only hope is Müller and Özil.

    • I’m not sure about that. Germany still have all those youngsters, like Götze, Reus, and Kroos, who could make their game even better! I agree that a Germany-Brazil match-up would be very interesting to watch, but I doubt Germany would fall that easily.

      • Sampan Chakraborty

        You see B. Munich has lost twice in Champions league final against inter and chelsea when they were favorite to win with all top quality player.In 2010 they beat Argentina 4-0 but then lost to Spain due to lack of game plan. I think Jurgen Klinsmann was a great tactician but Joachim Low’s team has a habit of choking at big match.If they get rid of Brasil & Argentina before semi-final then they have a realistic chance to win but I still feel 2014 WC will probably go in Latin America otherwise it will be record that Europe winning 3 successive world cups.

  • John Davenport

    7 out of 7 times when the World Cup was held in the Americas a South American team has won it. I think that tells you what’s going to happen.