Arsenal Stunned After Norwich City Pulls off its First Win of the Season

After suffering their second loss this season, it looks as though any chances of Arsenal gaining Premiership is nearly non-existent. Only one goal was needed for Norwich City to defeat Arsenal, a team that has ended up near the top of the Premier League year after year. Despite previously suffering severe losses to Chelsea and Liverpool, Norwich managed to rise up to the occasion during their game on Saturday. On their home turf, the Canaries gave manager Chris Hughton something to celebrate after he finally recorded his first win with the team.

Norwich had clearly appeared to be a very strong and organized side, while Arsenal failed to present a decent plan to equalize. Grant Holt awarded Norwich the early lead after striking home on the 19th minute. Arsenal goalkeeper Vito Mannone, who was in the starting lineup because of the other two goalkeepers’ injuries, made a mess of the ball and fumbled it following Alex Tettey’s shot. Holt quickly made use of the ball, though, and put in a fairly simple shot.

Despite Mannone’s match-deciding mistake, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger mentioned, “I do not blame the goalkeeper. We made many mistakes and the performances were not good enough.”

Although they had 62% of the possession, Arsenal was clearly off their game, delivering a total of 7 shots on target of which only 1 had any potential of making it in. They struggled the entire game to at least score an equalizer, but without any success. Their only chance came near the end of the first half, when Gervinho was given a fine pass which he had shot way off target.

At the start of the season, the Gunners were considered to have had one of their strongest sides in the past few years. Despite that, they have come across as weak this season, with a total of 3 wins, 3 draws, and 2 losses after their 8th fixture. A total of 26,825 people witnessed Arsenal’s shocking loss on Carrow Road, in a historic game that fans of both squads will never forget.

Hughton, who was clearly jubilant after Norwich’s win, said, “I could not be more pleased for the team.”

This game puts Arsenal in 8th on the Premier League scoreboard, with a total of just 12 points after 8 games. They are 10 points behind league leaders Chelsea, who’s record is currently 7 wins and 1 draw. Norwich rose to 15th place after the game, and now have a 1-3-4 record accounting to a total of just 6 points. They are now out of the relegation zone, which means that they could reserve a spot in the 2013-14 season if they keep their current standings. In the previous season, Arsenal had placed 3rd in the league (after Manchester City and Manchester United) while Norwich City had placed 12th.